The Flower Model

How To Make A Long & Low Flower Arrangement

Step1  You need a Ceramic Long & Low Container

 Step 2 You need 1& 2/3 Oasis

 Step 3 Put The Oasis inside a Container & pour water 

If Oasis doesn’t fit flip the Oasis 90 degrees.

 Step 4 Cut all 4 corners of the Oasis so water does not drip out of the container.

 Step 5  Flowers I used: 1Bunch Roses, 1 Bunch Stocks & 1Bunch Larkspurs

 Step 6 Cut the rose tips off (Cut off any extra thorns on the rose tips). Make sure you cut them so they stick halfway through the oasis. If the tip of the roses touch the bottom of the container, it is harder for the roses to drink water.

 Step 7 Add more roses

 Step 8 You could  use rose stems  or other greens fill up the arrangement.

Step 9 Cut the stems at an angle.

 Step 10 Use the rose stems to hide the top of the Oasis.

 Step 11 Add more roses.

 Step 12 Add larkspurs.

 Step 13 If you like larkspurs, add more.

 Step 14 Prepare Stocks

 Step 15 Add Stocks

 Step 16 You could use Stock stems or other Green

 Step 17 Cut the Stocks stems  add to the arrangement.

 Step 18 Add all leftover stems of Larkspur

 Step 19 Add final touch of Greens. 

Step 20 Enjoy your arrangement.

Tall Flowers

 Larkspur Flower

 Larkspur Flower

 Larkspur Flower

 Snapdragon Flower

 Liatris Flower

 Stock Flower

 Stock Flower